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Acoustic Microscopy / Made in Germany

PVA TePla Analytical Systems GmbH has been a ground-breaking expert in the field of acoustic microscopy for more than 30 years. With a range of leading solutions to suit all industries and fields of technology, we enable our customers to perform reliable non-destructive materials testing—from the inspection of solar and semiconductor systems all the way to failure analyses for ingots used in the production of wafers and MEMS systems.

Our Strategy / A Solid Foundation

To bring you all the advantages of acoustic microscopy at an outstanding price-performance ratio, we focus on creating a solid foundation. Every scanning acoustic microscope is based on a common component platform, which you can adapt and expand to the respective required system configuration at any time for specific applications. The long service life of our multi-channel systems guarantees you the best possible return on your investment.

Your Prospects / Building a Strong Future Together

Strict quality controls, highly-qualified engineers, and sales partners worldwide enable us to continuously further develop our technologies and processes. The focus in this case is on the resolution quality of our microscopes. Specially developed thin-film technology is used to create transducers with the world’s widest frequency ranges—from 3 to 2,000 MHz. Long-standing working relationships with leading research institutes (IMEC, Leti, Fraunhofer-Gesellschaften) contribute significantly to our shared success.


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History of the Company

  1. Acquisition of MPA Industrie SA in France.

    Strengthening of the industrial vacuum business through mature process know-how for silicon carbide (SiC) components and SiC coatings in the industrial and semiconductor sectors.

  2. Foundation of PVA TePla Korea

    With the foundation of PVA TePla Korea in January 2022, the Group is strengthening its sales and will and service location in Asia with a further company.

  3. Strengthening ultrasound microscopy

    PVA TePla AG acquires Okos Solutions LLC in the USA. Okos builds measuring equipment for the quality inspection of high-tech products for the aerospace and semiconductor markets. The acquisition strengthens the PVA TePla Group's access to the US market for its ultrasonic measuring instruments.

  4. Takeover of an Italian vessel manufacturer

    In 2019, the PVA TePla Group took over the activities of a renowned and globally acknowledged Italian vessel. As a result, our subsidiaries will be able - in addition to our existing suppliers - to purchase vessels from own production for the manufucturing of vacuum and crystal growing systems.

  5. In 2018, the PVA TePla Group strengthens its metrology division.

    PVA SPA Software Entwicklungs GmbH is a specialist for software and automation in the semiconductor industry as well as for optical metrology. This acquisition represents an important step forward for the further strategic development of the PVA TePla Group.

  6. In 2016, PVA TePla further strengthened its position in the Chinese market by establishing a further sales and service location in the Xi'an high-tech region.

  7. Fully automated systems

    The first fully automated 8""/12"" inch wafer inspection systems for bond inspection, MEMS inspection, integration of SMIF and FOUP, OHT, GEM/SECS control

  8. The arrival of automation

    Fully automated AUTO TRAY systems for IGBT inspection and JEDEC TRAY inspection Release for series production of high-frequency thin-film transducers for laboratory systems and fully automated inspection facilities

  9. Development of new tools

    • The first fully automated 8""/12"" bridge tool (4-channel system) for the inspection of wafers and MEMS systems
    • 3D tomographic SAM analysis tool and introduction of HILBERT modules for the resolution and contrast enhancement of SAM analyses
    • Introduction of SAMnalysis software for add-line and off-line analysis of SAM data
  10. Change of company name

    Acquisition of the company by PVA TePla AG and change of name to PVA Tepla Analytical Systems GmbH.

  11. Patent applications

    • Acoustic auto focus (DE 102006005449 A1 2006.10.12)
    • Acoustic multichannel systems (DE 102006005448 A1 2006.10.12 2005)
    • Pin hole detection in Si (DE 102006032431 A 12007.12.27)
  12. Realignment

    Foundation of SAMTEC GmbH Aalen as a supplier of SAM systems in industrial SAM measurement and inspection technology.

  13. Transducer advances

    These result in the creation of the first sapphire transducer for the detection of Rayleigh waves, based on ZnO-oxide technology.

  14. The first acoustic microscope used in industry

    Introduction of the SAM acoustic microscope with an operating frequency of 200 MHz for industrial applications.

  15. The first SAM software

    The first commercial V(z) module, a computer-based system for determining the velocity of surface waves (Rayleigh waves) using SAM, is unveiled.

  16. The foundation of acoustic microscopy

    Development of “ELSAM,” the first ultra-high-resolution scanning acoustic microscope by Ernst Leitz, Wetzlar (subsequently Leica) with an operating frequency of 800 MHz.

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