SAM Auto Line

The fully automated acoustic microscopes from the SAM Auto Line enable simple detection of cavities, voids, bubbles, inclusions, and delamination and are ideally suitable for wafer inspection, bond checking, and MEMS inspection. An automatic defect-review software package performs a fully automated evaluation of the entire wafer. The results can be issued as klarf files and VEGA MAP. A GEM/SECS connection is also possible.

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Auto Wafer

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    The SAM 300 Auto Wafer is product line specially developed for inline production control. It conforms to cleanroom class 10 and was designed for the inspection of wafers or bonded wafers (MEMS) to detect cavities, inclusions, or delamination in bonded layers.

Auto Tray

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    This line was specially developed for the production control of electronic devices, boards, IGBTs, and other complex components. The systems conform to cleanroom class 10. The primary application involves verifying defects such as gaps, bubbles, holes, inclusions, delaminated areas, or thickness variations in soldered or Ag-sintered interfaces. Multiple layers can be inspected simultaneously.

Auto Ingot

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    The Auto Ingot Line is an acoustic tomographic analysis system for the volume analysis of larger components. It was originally developed for the inspection of single crystal Si ingots, but can also be used to investigate other material systems such as Ge, GaAs etc. The devices are used to analyze pin holes or micro-voids on silicon ingots, with the focus on information about the defect size and defect depth.

    The system enables the measurement of 5–12 inch silicon ingots up to 400 mm long and weighing up to 75 kg. The defect resolution of pin holes in silicon is 100 µm. Other specific sample geometries can be developed for customers (sample holder and scanner), as can other scanning ranges.

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